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Gothic-Comedy-Musical Festerval as Letterkenny Musical Society Bring The Addams Family Back To Life

Gomez and Morticia live in a strange house in Central Park along with their children Wednesday and Pugsley, Gomez’s Brother Fester, Grandma, and Lurch the Butler. Of course, they also have over 30 dead ancestors knocking about as they pursue their ‘alternative lifestyle’.

However, Wednesday is falling in love, and horror of horrors, her beau is normal. Lucas is a college boy from Ohio, who is bringing his parents to meet his new love’s family. What could possibly go wrong? Maybe the more appropriate question is ‘What could possibly go right?’.

8pm Tues-Sat, 2.30pm Matinee Sat only.

€20/€18. Fri/Sat at 8pm all tickets €20. Sat Matinee all tickets €15.

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